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Top 5 Strategies To Improve Your Online Presence

Do you ever wish your dream career would just materialize out of thin air? Thanks to the power of the Internet that fantasy could be a reality. Read this blog see how by branding yourself online will lead to bigger and better opportunities regarding your career choice.

Everywhere you look online lately, people are offering their opinions about anything and everything. Why not put this effort to good use to further your career and showcase your expertise in a positive light online so that you can attract the likes of better clients or job opportunities.
Here are my Top 5 Strategies To Become An Expert Internet Marketer! Learn how to effectively brand yourself online to become an influencer and
leader in your industry.

1. Share Content: There are many online forums and social networking sites that allow members to lend their expertise
of industry-specific topics. A couple of great places for professionals to begin their conquest are Alignable and Quora. By joining the discussion and contributing valuable insights, you better your chances of being discovered
by business owners or top influencers that spend time on LinkedIn and other credible Q&A-style boards like Quora.
Your contributions online should be professional and non-offensive, because when people are researching your company, you don't want to come across as arrogant "know it all". Therefore, watch your words online and
focus on adding value to the discussion, rather than arguing.

2. Blogging: If you enjoy writing, then blogging is a great way to showcase your business values online. If you have a blog of your own, then be sure you are promoting it on your social networking accounts, such as your Facebook Page, Group, Twitter and LinkedIn profile, so people that are wanting to learn more about you or your company can have easy access to your work. If you don't have a blog, then reach out to people to become a guest blogger or ghost blogger to start out and promote your posts on your social networks. Conduct some research on top blogs in your industry. You might have to start small at first, but it's better than nothing.
3. Create an ebook, course or webinar: You don't necessarily have to be an author or storyteller to write a decent ebook that serves your audience.
All you really need is a topic you're well-versed in and an comprehensive ebook template, such as these from HubSpot. In doing so, you'll be lending something of great value to your industry and your audience, while also validating your proficiency in a given
subject manner.

4. Video Marketing: Keep it short. Studies show that we have an attention span of about 30 seconds. So if you are making an advertising or branding video, say what you have to say and then save the rest for follow up videos. Combine video and stills of your
product, employees, location and anything that you believe will interest your potential customers will add variety to your video ad. Add a personal message. The message can be from you or one of your employees, or it can be a testimonial or recommendation from one of your customers. A little humor never hurts anyone. Sometimes your own gaffes in making the video make it even more appealing. Give your videos a call to action. Make it clear what the viewer should do after watching the video. Add a coupon or special offer. Make sure your customer knows how to find you and don’t forget to include your phone number, address, website address and e-mail. Include a map if you have a brick and mortor locations.
Promote your video through an online ad campaign, e-mail, social media, YouTube and even your own website.


5. Podcasting : Whether you’re a corporate brand such as a company, a business owner, podcaster or radio host that is just speaking for yourself, the way you present your brand to the world is very important. The power of social media can take you to places especially if you’re consistent with your representation on all your platforms. Use the same profile picture on Facebook, Pinterest, Google+ and all social media accounts which is branding across all of her social media platforms including your Podcast.

The takeaway here is to never underestimate the power of exhibiting your skills online. Nearly everything you say online (good and bad)
is searchable, so choose your words wisely when you post. Play your cards right an you may just become the next online superstar.

James Hickey
Internet Marketing Expert and Mentor 
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Top 5 Lead Generation Strategies For Business Owners

What does every business want? More leads or customers from their Digital and Social Media Marketing. Here are my Top 5 Lead Generation Strategies For Business Owners

Signpost "Lead Generation"

1. Search Marketing: For new product startups, search engine marketing is still one of the most cost-effective and lead-generation strategies. It’s also one of the most accountable strategies because of the analytics and reporting that is available today. You can start an SEM campaign with less than 100 dollars today and get results very quickly.

2. Social Media Marketing: Social Media Marketing relies on popular social media sites (such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter) to generate leads through pay-per-click Facebook ads or Tweets on sites that target customers in specific demographics. You bid on the amount you are willing to pay for a click or Facebook Post or Tweet. You still must have a solid Post created, landing page and follow up system in place to ensure your success.


3. Display advertising: Online display ads can generate leads on ads that you post on websites frequented by your target audience or ones with content related to the ad. Display ads on mobile devices, including video and audio also offer a new opportunity to reach target customers. Let these other websites do all the heavy lifting SEO and get your ads in front of your target audience.

4. Email marketing: This one has been around a long time but still works well if your target demographic is well defined and you do your homework. You can now buy or rent a top-quality mailing list. New technology allows for psychographic targeting and geotargeting for improved response and spam avoidance. It's all a numbers game and the power is in the list.

5. Mobile Marketing: I saved the best for last. I have been watching the reporting on my clients analytics and most traffic now comes from about 65% Mobile devices. If you don't have a Mobile Marketing Campaign in place, you are missing the boat. I personally, suggest building and starting any campaign with Mobile Marketing in mind first and let the laptops and desktops pick up the scraps.

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Branding Yourself Online With Social Media Marketing

Are you looking to Brand Yourself Online With Social Media Marketing?

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Top Social Media Marketing Strategies For 2015

Top Social Media Marketing Strategies For 2015

Watch this video about Authority and Online Branding using Social Media and Digital Marketing.

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James Hickey 
Internet Marketing Expert and Mentor 
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Can You Make Money Blogging?

Can You Make Money Blogging?

If it was easy to make money blogging, everyone would be doing it. The truth is that not everyone finds success, but the ones that do have a system for making a regular income that they can count on.

Here are several things that you can do if you want to make money by blogging that can increase your chances of building an income online. If you implement the following strategies, then you are on your way to building an income.

Choose a topic that you are passionate about.

If you decide to become a blogger, it should be about a topic that you like and are knowledgeable about.
This will let you to provide others with helpful information without you having to do extensive research and struggling to get ideas to write your blog about.

Gain a following.

One way to do this is to find blogs that have a similar topic related to yours. Read the posts that are on that blog and comment on them in a substantial way. In other words, don’t just say a few short words, write a few lines, making an actual commentary on the topic of the post and ask a question or two. Once your comment is approved you will gain an real backlink to your blog and people may click on that link to check your blog out as well.


Check out Forums that are on the same topic

Take advantage of the forum signature to add a link to your blog and with a call to action which will entice people to visit your blog and see what you have to offer. Provide valuable information in the forum by answering questions that people post.

Decide on a style of blog.

Some bloggers choose to do a review style site where they review various items that are completely relevant to the topic of their blog. They can monetize the blog by adding in affiliate links (from ClickBank or Commission Junction) where people have the ability to purchase the item that they are reviewing directly from links embedded into your blog. Once you have a lot of readers to your blog, they will be interested in anything that you review and this can improve your chances earning affiliate commissions.


Build a mailing list.

Add an opt in box to your site where people can sign up for your mailing list. In order to encourage people to sign up, offer a free and useful download of an ebook or some other useful item that people will entice people to give you their information. Never spam your mailing list. Over deliver on useful information that your subscribers will find interesting and gain their trust and appreciation. Once in a while you can monetize your list by finding a good offer that is directly related to your topic and sending out information about that offer to your list. Once your list trusts you, they will be more likely to purchase things you recommend.

When you go about building your blog the right way, you will soon see money flowing from your efforts. This is not an instant way to make money and you will not get rich overnight, but the more time and work you put into the blog, the better your chances of monetizing it.

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James Hickey
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