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Top 5 Strategies To Improve Your Online Presence

Do you ever wish your dream career would just materialize out of thin air? Thanks to the power of the Internet that fantasy could be a reality. Read this blog see how by branding yourself online will lead to bigger and better opportunities regarding your career choice.

Everywhere you look online lately, people are offering their opinions about anything and everything. Why not put this effort to good use to further your career and showcase your expertise in a positive light online so that you can attract the likes of better clients or job opportunities.
Here are my Top 5 Strategies To Become An Expert Internet Marketer! Learn how to effectively brand yourself online to become an influencer and
leader in your industry.

1. Share Content: There are many online forums and social networking sites that allow members to lend their expertise
of industry-specific topics. A couple of great places for professionals to begin their conquest are Alignable and Quora. By joining the discussion and contributing valuable insights, you better your chances of being discovered
by business owners or top influencers that spend time on LinkedIn and other credible Q&A-style boards like Quora.
Your contributions online should be professional and non-offensive, because when people are researching your company, you don't want to come across as arrogant "know it all". Therefore, watch your words online and
focus on adding value to the discussion, rather than arguing.

2. Blogging: If you enjoy writing, then blogging is a great way to showcase your business values online. If you have a blog of your own, then be sure you are promoting it on your social networking accounts, such as your Facebook Page, Group, Twitter and LinkedIn profile, so people that are wanting to learn more about you or your company can have easy access to your work. If you don't have a blog, then reach out to people to become a guest blogger or ghost blogger to start out and promote your posts on your social networks. Conduct some research on top blogs in your industry. You might have to start small at first, but it's better than nothing.
3. Create an ebook, course or webinar: You don't necessarily have to be an author or storyteller to write a decent ebook that serves your audience.
All you really need is a topic you're well-versed in and an comprehensive ebook template, such as these from HubSpot. In doing so, you'll be lending something of great value to your industry and your audience, while also validating your proficiency in a given
subject manner.

4. Video Marketing: Keep it short. Studies show that we have an attention span of about 30 seconds. So if you are making an advertising or branding video, say what you have to say and then save the rest for follow up videos. Combine video and stills of your
product, employees, location and anything that you believe will interest your potential customers will add variety to your video ad. Add a personal message. The message can be from you or one of your employees, or it can be a testimonial or recommendation from one of your customers. A little humor never hurts anyone. Sometimes your own gaffes in making the video make it even more appealing. Give your videos a call to action. Make it clear what the viewer should do after watching the video. Add a coupon or special offer. Make sure your customer knows how to find you and don’t forget to include your phone number, address, website address and e-mail. Include a map if you have a brick and mortor locations.
Promote your video through an online ad campaign, e-mail, social media, YouTube and even your own website.


5. Podcasting : Whether you’re a corporate brand such as a company, a business owner, podcaster or radio host that is just speaking for yourself, the way you present your brand to the world is very important. The power of social media can take you to places especially if you’re consistent with your representation on all your platforms. Use the same profile picture on Facebook, Pinterest, Google+ and all social media accounts which is branding across all of her social media platforms including your Podcast.

The takeaway here is to never underestimate the power of exhibiting your skills online. Nearly everything you say online (good and bad)
is searchable, so choose your words wisely when you post. Play your cards right an you may just become the next online superstar.

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Top 5 Lead Generation Strategies For Business Owners

What does every business want? More leads or customers from their Digital and Social Media Marketing. Here are my Top 5 Lead Generation Strategies For Business Owners

Signpost "Lead Generation"

1. Search Marketing: For new product startups, search engine marketing is still one of the most cost-effective and lead-generation strategies. It’s also one of the most accountable strategies because of the analytics and reporting that is available today. You can start an SEM campaign with less than 100 dollars today and get results very quickly.

2. Social Media Marketing: Social Media Marketing relies on popular social media sites (such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter) to generate leads through pay-per-click Facebook ads or Tweets on sites that target customers in specific demographics. You bid on the amount you are willing to pay for a click or Facebook Post or Tweet. You still must have a solid Post created, landing page and follow up system in place to ensure your success.


3. Display advertising: Online display ads can generate leads on ads that you post on websites frequented by your target audience or ones with content related to the ad. Display ads on mobile devices, including video and audio also offer a new opportunity to reach target customers. Let these other websites do all the heavy lifting SEO and get your ads in front of your target audience.

4. Email marketing: This one has been around a long time but still works well if your target demographic is well defined and you do your homework. You can now buy or rent a top-quality mailing list. New technology allows for psychographic targeting and geotargeting for improved response and spam avoidance. It's all a numbers game and the power is in the list.

5. Mobile Marketing: I saved the best for last. I have been watching the reporting on my clients analytics and most traffic now comes from about 65% Mobile devices. If you don't have a Mobile Marketing Campaign in place, you are missing the boat. I personally, suggest building and starting any campaign with Mobile Marketing in mind first and let the laptops and desktops pick up the scraps.

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Lead Generation With Content Marketing

Is your business struggling with lead generation from your content marketing? Are you ready to learn how to generate leads with a scientific approach to content marketing?

When using content marketing marketing, it is possible to build a lead pipeline with verifiable results.

Most effective B2B content marketers cite lead generation as a primary goal of content marketing.  Key steps for effective Content Marketing.

1) Determine Your Lead Generation Goal

The first step is to determine your lead generation goal based on your company’s revenue goals.

The number of leads you need to generate each month
What your conversion rates should be
How much traffic you need to get to your website

Traffic times Conversion Rate = Leads

Once you have determined your lead generation goals, you need to track your progress. There are many marketing automation platforms that provide dashboards with real-time reporting that take the guesswork out of tracking traffic and leads. You can setup your own using Excel spreadsheets and graphs. RavenTools suplies a pretty cool software for tracking results.

Signpost "Lead Generation"

2) Content Analysis

Now you have your lead generation goal established, and you have a system inplace to measure your progress toward your goal. Time to figure
out how to hit your goal.

Finding the right topics to drive traffic to your blog Once your think you are on the right track with content creation, it’s time to perform content analysis so you can confirm what is working and what needs changing.

Establish your content metrics

Content cannot be measured with a single metric, because no one data point can successfully or satisfactorily tell you whether
your program is working. If you are doing your analysis manually, here are some items to analyze to determine which content is
helping you hit your lead generation goals.

Consumption. This is a fundamental content metric and can be easily derived from Google Analytics. This metric tells
you how many people consumed or viewed your content. Ideally your posts drive a lot of traffic to your blog and have a high conversion rate.

Sharing. This metric tells you how often visitors share your content with others. Make it easier to drive this metric up by making social
sharing easy on your blog. Always have sharing buttons on all your content, there are many people out there looking for good, solid content
to share, it might as well be yours.

Conversion. This metric tells you how often your content visitors turn into leads. Key questions to ask are:

Which topics converted more visitors into leads? The majority of your content should revolve around the topics that get the most
consumption and conversion.
Which days are best to publish your content? Your analytic tool should be able to tell you which days are your prime publishing days.
Which content formats convert the best? Do your visitors prefer posts with infographics, how-to posts or opinion posts?

Brainstorm – don’t get stuck in analysis paralysis.

Try different combinations of the items above and look for trends, then approximate the number of leads you can expect to generate from each post. This will help you figure out how often you need to publish to reach your lead generation goal.

Sales. This metric tells you how often your leads become customers. It is easiest to measure this by using a CRM and tracking which content each potential customer consumes.

You will need to combine your analytics numbers with a good dose of common sense to identify patterns in the data. Use this information to test different content marketing variables and drive up the ROI of your content marketing efforts.


3) Content Marketing Campaigns

It is time to unleash your inner creativity and do some brainstorming. Develop a list of content campaigns and working blog titles that align with the most successful topics and formats you found from step 2.

Focus on content with a proven lead generation track record. Gather many ideas at first then narrow them down to a few GREAT ideas. You want to end up with a handful of winning strategies.

4) Create Content & Monitor

The last step in the process is to produce new content for the campaigns you identified in step 3. Create this content in-house, hire guest bloggers, or outsource to talented ghost writers. Professional content writers are familiar with lead generation strategies and
can produce content that increases traffic and conversions.

For best results, monitor traffic patterns and lead generation continually. Reevaluate your content marketing strategy whenever leads dip below your established goals. If you are consistently meeting your lead generation goals then consider adjusting your goal upward and challenge your team to improve your metrics.

You do not have to be a rocket scientist to learn how to generate leads from content marketing, but it does help to think like one.

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Internet Marketing Career

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Google+ Profile and Google Brand Pages Marketing

Google+ Profile and Google Brand Page Marketing has been somewhat confusing since their inception.  Google is the #1 Search Engine in the world and if you are a business owner or entrepreneur, you need to take this platform seriously.

When Google announced last week that they’ll be starting to roll out Search Plus your World, it became more evident that search is shifting towards a simpler way of retrieving data for their users by merging personalized search and social search on their result pages for logged-in users (including relevant Google+ pages).

This sudden move from Google is definitely going to make massive changes on how businesses should market themselves, as this is certain to affect traditional online marketing methodologies.

There are billions of searches happening everyday (worldwide), and with the recent report from ComScore, stating that Google+ has already reached 67 million users since and they can easily develop this as a culture to searchers and users, in which the only thing that seasoned marketers can do is to adapt.

Google+ is Google 2.0, and in Rand’s recent whiteboard Moz video on why a Google+ strategy is vital to marketers and businesses, you’ll see how they are really pushing Google+ on their search results.


So why is building your brand’s presence on Google+ important:

  • Google+ is already taking over search results, if you’re an authoritative figure in this social platform, then it’s easier to yield traffic and leads to your site/business, as your Google+ presence will improve your search visibility.
  • Google will eventually pull social and brand data from this channel to determine highly authoritative figures/content in any industry (AuthorRank).

Goals and objectives in building your Google+ Authority:

  • Increase the number of people that have you in their circles.
  • Increase the number of re-shares and +1’s of your Google+ content (content you share).
  • Increase the number of mentions of your Profile and Page in Google+.
  • Increase external activity, which can be measured through the amount of +1’s of your site’s content.

Below are just some tips on how you can build and continuously improve your authority on Google+.

Authorship Markups

Optimizing your content by including the rel=”author” tag and reciprocating it with your Google+ profile has been one of the most efficient ways in increasing your posts/pages’ SERP click-through rate, as it’s perceived as a more trustworthy and credible content when displayed on search results.

Google+ Button

Of course, allowing your site visitors to +1 your content is also one of your Google+ strategy’s foundations, as Google uses these sharing and voting data to analyze the strength as well as the popularity of your website and its content.

The placements of your Google+ 1 button is very important, as making it more visible increases the chances of your button being clicked by your readers. You can place it above the fold or at the end of each of your site’s content to draw actions from your visitors.

Optimize Google+ Page/Profile

Most of the task will only require you to complete your Google+ profile, and to allow your page as well as your posts to be publicly visible to logged off users and in search results. Your page/profile’s tagline and introduction are its meta description, so optimizing it by including your targeted keyword(s) may also enhance CTR and attract people to adding you.

Promote your Google+ page on your other social platforms

Perhaps the easiest way to attract people to add you in their circles is to first start with the social networking sites that you already have a following base (Twitter and Facebook). Promote the link to your Google+ profile/page through these networks.

Promote Google+ page through Content Marketing (CTA)

Include a link to your Google+ page whenever you distribute content externally (guest blogs, slide presentations and videos), especially on your author profile. This method has proven to have high success rate, particularly if you’re providing high-utility content on websites where your target audience are highly engaged.

Use the link to your Google+ page/profile as your external as well as your site’s socially engaging content’s call to action, to attract more of your audience into adding you to their circles.


Linking to your Google+ page from your Blog comments

Comment marketing is an effective way of reaching out and building relationships with your link prospects (and even in targeting their readers and followers), as by simply contributing to the discussion you’ll be able to be recognized in your industry as an active contributor.

Linking to your Google+ page instead of your site’s homepage can help establish a stronger foothold when aiming to build relationships, as it puts more emphasis on building a connection rather than just building a link.

Leading blog owners and their readers to your Google+ profile, very possible if they’re finding your comments really useful, are more perceptible to taking actions (adding you to their circles). And using this method also sends positive signals to Google, as you are building relevant links to your profile.

Start Conversations

Reach out to people that have you in their circles or people within your circle by communicating to them. You can start off by commenting on the things they share on Google+ or by responding to people who comment on your posts. It will eventually give you more exposure when people in their circles start noticing your conversations with them. Engage the right people in targeted discussions and you’ll certainly do fine.

Share useful and relevant Content to your Circles

The more you are sharing valuable content on Google+, the more chances of getting your posts re-shared and/or +1ed by the people in your circles. This builds up your authority and popularity as a user, as people are finding you as a great resource of content in your industry.

Personalizing your posts, by including your own opinions about the content you are sharing, can entice commenters, which again can improve the social data that Google will be collecting from your account.

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10 Step Internet Marketing Blueprint For Businesses

10 Step Internet Marketing Blueprint For Businesses - Video

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Mistakes Business Owners Make With Internet Marketing

Most Business Owners are not leveraging the power of Internet and Social Media Marketing. Watch this Video Blog on the Mistakes Business Owners Make With Internet Marketing.

Internet Marketing Career

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