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Advanced Facebook Marketing Strategies

Facebook Marketing is much more than posting a status update once per day. Here are some of my top Advanced Facebook Marketing Strategies.

Know When Fans are Online

If you’re going to post a status update, make sure it’s during a time when as many of your Fans are online as possible. Especially if you don’t post many times per day.

This may seem obvious, but you may be doing more to hurt your Facebook Reach than you know, simply by posting at the wrong times. Good news is, Facebook helps you correct this.

The new version of  Facebook Insights, there’s a graph called When Your Fans Are Online. This charts when your Fans saw content and you can use this tool to learn when to post.

This is found within the Posts section. For more details on how to find it, make sure you check out your Facebook Insights. What’s great about this is that it tells you when your Fans are online by hour, in general or on specific days of the week.

My best times are between 8-10am and between 5pm-7pm San Diego time. So while I do post multiple times per day, I do my best to publish my latest content at the most important time of the day.

Want to reach the most people with your most Facebook Status Updates? Then know when your Fans are online!

Post Often

Opinions on this have varied overtime. It was once believed that you should limit your publishing to avoid annoying your Fans. Some people suggested once per day or only a handful of times per week.

Want to know what I think?? I suggest 2-4 Posts Per Day

More than half of your Fans will be on Facebook every day. Of that number, they’ll be on for an average of 30-60 minutes.

If you don’t post several times per day, then you can’t reach everyone. If you post once, you can only reasonably expect to reach Fans who were on within about a one to two hour window.

Improve your odds of reaching more people by posting when they are online, you need to post multiple times per day. How many times that is will be dependent on the content you have as well as the preferences of your audience.

Don’t repost the same thing multiple times in the same day. And don’t post for the sake of posting, have a plan or strategy behind each post. If quality goes down, your Fans will tune out.

If you can maintain a high level of content, then publish as frequently as you want. I recommend keeping at least a buffer of one hour between posts.

On average, I try to keep posts separated by at least four hours. I then shoot for four to five posts per day. I’ll even schedule a post for the middle of the night when I’m sleeping (more on that in the next step).

If you don’t post today, you can expect to reach a grand total of 0 people. Okay, you may get lucky and reach a few people with old content, but it’s going to be minimal.

If you post once, you’re going to reach as many people as saw that one post. Obvious, right?

But if you post 10 times in a day, how many people will you reach? You’ll reach some of the same people across a few of those. But overall, the unique number of people you’ll reach will skyrocket.


Repost Old Content

One way I post multiple times per day is by scheduling old, evergreen content, this is the post I set aside late at night, often when I’m sleeping.

Every couple of months, I’ll update my list of old content that is popular and still has value. I’ll then create a spreadsheet with a fresh new spin on that post for publishing to Facebook. I pick a different time each night from 10pm to 2am. This way I can reach other people with my posts.

I pick this time at night because it’s unlikely to be a time when I would otherwise be posting. Once again, I’m trying to avoid posting back-to-back without at least a couple of hours in between.

I also publish late at night because I’ll reach a new audience. The first time I would have shared that post, it would have been between 8am and 10am. Not only will my Fan base evolve in between, but I should reach a completely different audience based on the time zones that are awake during that time.

I’ve found this to be extremely effective in terms of reviving my old content. Consistently, I’ll get a couple hundred link clicks from one of these late night shares. That type of traffic adds up!

Want to reach more people? Schedule older, evergreen content during times when you’d normally be sleeping to reach a totally different audience!

Produce Quality Content

Facebook is not a billboard. It’s a social network. And as such, Facebook wants to encourage social activity. If you aren’t being social with a person or brand, they are less likely to share their content with you. Of course they won’t click on every single post. That’s ridiculous. Stop worrying about it on such a micro level.

Produce quality content on a consistent basis that begs to be clicked or engaged with. All you need is a click here and there, and you can expect to be in a user’s News Feed.

Of course, you can’t use old, played out calls to action. Be creative. But no “click like if…” or “comment if…” or “share if…” types of calls to action. Facebook has hinted that this type of stuff will be punished and you can get you negative feedback.

Want to reach more people? Produce quality content that people actually want to see and engage with!

Bump Successful Stories

This is cheating a little bit since it’s related to the last one. But Story Bumping can be very helpful when it comes to reaching more people.

Not sure what Story Bumping is? It was announced back in August as a way to resurface slightly older content that is getting a lot of engagement.

I know that I see a ton of this from my friends these days. They comment on an old photo and it’s at the top of my News Feed. Now imagine that my friend is commenting on an old post from a brand Page?

Now, it’s not clear exactly when this happens. But it’s likely that it needs to be a friend commenting on a post by a Page that you like. So it may not happen frequently and there are benefits for you if you can create content that people will comment on.

This is a big deal because I know there are a ton of brands in the business of creating memes to get likes. That won’t help you. You’re going to need comments.

Want to reach more people? Craft quality content that inspires a comment so that you can benefit from Story Bumping!

finalIMTC LOGO300x300

Build an Audience the Right Way

Want to mess up your Reach? Buy Fans. Or build your audience with poorly targeted ads. Or run contests to build your audience that give away prizes that aren’t related at all to your brand.

This will kill your News Feed and Reach

Build your audience organically by doing all of the things previously mentioned. If you create a lot of high quality content, consistently and frequently, it will end up reaching non-Fans. And you’ll get a ton of Likes that way.

Next, you have to be careful about your ad targeting. Don’t focus on the cheapest price possible. Focus on the relevant countries, and avoid those countries that you see result in spam on your posts. This may mean spending more. It will mean that. But it’s worth it.

Use Custom Audiences to target people on your email list who aren’t current Fans. Get them on board!

Use Graph Search and Lookalike Audiences to find people who are similar to your email list who like specific pages and interests relevant to your niche.

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Social Media Marketing For Business

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Twitter Marketing For Business Owners

Twitter has been a solid marketing strategy for myself and my business clients for several years now. Problem is that most business owners or internet marketers have learned how to leverage this platform properly.

Watch this video for Twitter Marketing for Business Owners. Please Comment, LIKE and Share if you agree with my strategies. Thanks

Internet Marketing Career

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Tips To Finding A Quality Internet Marketing Consultant

If you’re looking for an Internet Marketing Consultant to help your business grow then this blog may help you.

There are many good Internet Marketing Consultants but finding the right one for your business can be challenging. I can’t stress the importance of building a relationship with your consultant, so the 1st question to ask yourself is “Do I like this person?”
Here are some ideas to consider when choosing a consultant to get real results for your business:
  • Knowledgeable in SEO (search engine optimization), SEM (search engine marketing), blogs, and business analytics.
    These are basic tools that they should have in their arsenal at minimum.
  • Strong understanding of search engine-friendly web design, ability to make critical improvements and technical recommendations.
    This allows customers to come to you instead of you chasing them. Imagine having a 24 hr salesperson that generates leads and never call in sick!
  • Experience.
    Pay attention to the questions they ask in the consultation. They should be detailed and specific to your business. The questions should make you realize the areas where your business needs help.Also, check out their LinkedIn Profile for recommendations of their work.
  • A system in place to track results.
    They should have a way to track your website traffic, direct mail, TV, print advertising and any other marketing campaigns you are running.
  • Desire and ability to explain, and build a relationship with you.
    Hiring a consultant to grow your business is like adding another person to your team. They should genuinely be interested in getting you results and learning about your business.
  • Determine your USP (unique selling proposition).
    Helping you brand your company image and finding your USP is important factor for dominating your competition. If they do not discuss this strategy, RUN.
  • Excellent organizational and management skills.
    It’s not realistic to expect the consultant to only work with your company. Ask how they manage multiple clients. Do they have a system in place that allows them to manage multiple clients’ projects simultaneously?
  • How will they keep in touch.
    This is important and you need to determine this upfront. Will you get a monthly phone call, or will they communicate via email? I can’t tell you how many clients I’ve met complain about this simple issue. Imagine wanted to be updated via phone, but your consultant’s main source of correspondence is through email.
Finding the right company to grow your business is possible if you take the time and ask these simple questions.
Are you tired of wasting money on advertising that doesn’t work? Get a Quote now for more tips and information that will save you money when choosing a Internet Marketing Consultant.

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Pinterest Marketing For Business – Video Blog

Are you leveraging Pinterest for your business or business opportunity?

Watch this video about Pinterest Marketing for Business Owners. Learn how to leverage Pinterest to get more web traffic, leads and sales.

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