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San Diego Entrepreneur James – What is So Tell Us? Vlog #2

Welcome To San Diego Entrepreneur James Hickey's Video Blog. Each post will cover the life of being an entrepreneur in San Diego, California. There will also be Digital and Social Media Marketing Tips and Tricks.

Watch this video about https://sotellus.com/ and for tips/tricks on Social Media and Digital Marketing from San Diego Entrepreneur.

James Hickey
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Local Business Marketing – Top 6 Strategies Revealed

Learn About Top 6 Local Business Marketing Strategies From Industry Expert - James Hickey - Watch Video


Google+ Profile and Google Brand Pages Marketing

Google+ Profile and Google Brand Page Marketing has been somewhat confusing since their inception.  Google is the #1 Search Engine in the world and if you are a business owner or entrepreneur, you need to take this platform seriously.

When Google announced last week that they’ll be starting to roll out Search Plus your World, it became more evident that search is shifting towards a simpler way of retrieving data for their users by merging personalized search and social search on their result pages for logged-in users (including relevant Google+ pages).

This sudden move from Google is definitely going to make massive changes on how businesses should market themselves, as this is certain to affect traditional online marketing methodologies.

There are billions of searches happening everyday (worldwide), and with the recent report from ComScore, stating that Google+ has already reached 67 million users since and they can easily develop this as a culture to searchers and users, in which the only thing that seasoned marketers can do is to adapt.

Google+ is Google 2.0, and in Rand’s recent whiteboard Moz video on why a Google+ strategy is vital to marketers and businesses, you’ll see how they are really pushing Google+ on their search results.


So why is building your brand’s presence on Google+ important:

  • Google+ is already taking over search results, if you’re an authoritative figure in this social platform, then it’s easier to yield traffic and leads to your site/business, as your Google+ presence will improve your search visibility.
  • Google will eventually pull social and brand data from this channel to determine highly authoritative figures/content in any industry (AuthorRank).

Goals and objectives in building your Google+ Authority:

  • Increase the number of people that have you in their circles.
  • Increase the number of re-shares and +1’s of your Google+ content (content you share).
  • Increase the number of mentions of your Profile and Page in Google+.
  • Increase external activity, which can be measured through the amount of +1’s of your site’s content.

Below are just some tips on how you can build and continuously improve your authority on Google+.

Authorship Markups

Optimizing your content by including the rel=”author” tag and reciprocating it with your Google+ profile has been one of the most efficient ways in increasing your posts/pages’ SERP click-through rate, as it’s perceived as a more trustworthy and credible content when displayed on search results.

Google+ Button

Of course, allowing your site visitors to +1 your content is also one of your Google+ strategy’s foundations, as Google uses these sharing and voting data to analyze the strength as well as the popularity of your website and its content.

The placements of your Google+ 1 button is very important, as making it more visible increases the chances of your button being clicked by your readers. You can place it above the fold or at the end of each of your site’s content to draw actions from your visitors.

Optimize Google+ Page/Profile

Most of the task will only require you to complete your Google+ profile, and to allow your page as well as your posts to be publicly visible to logged off users and in search results. Your page/profile’s tagline and introduction are its meta description, so optimizing it by including your targeted keyword(s) may also enhance CTR and attract people to adding you.

Promote your Google+ page on your other social platforms

Perhaps the easiest way to attract people to add you in their circles is to first start with the social networking sites that you already have a following base (Twitter and Facebook). Promote the link to your Google+ profile/page through these networks.

Promote Google+ page through Content Marketing (CTA)

Include a link to your Google+ page whenever you distribute content externally (guest blogs, slide presentations and videos), especially on your author profile. This method has proven to have high success rate, particularly if you’re providing high-utility content on websites where your target audience are highly engaged.

Use the link to your Google+ page/profile as your external as well as your site’s socially engaging content’s call to action, to attract more of your audience into adding you to their circles.


Linking to your Google+ page from your Blog comments

Comment marketing is an effective way of reaching out and building relationships with your link prospects (and even in targeting their readers and followers), as by simply contributing to the discussion you’ll be able to be recognized in your industry as an active contributor.

Linking to your Google+ page instead of your site’s homepage can help establish a stronger foothold when aiming to build relationships, as it puts more emphasis on building a connection rather than just building a link.

Leading blog owners and their readers to your Google+ profile, very possible if they’re finding your comments really useful, are more perceptible to taking actions (adding you to their circles). And using this method also sends positive signals to Google, as you are building relevant links to your profile.

Start Conversations

Reach out to people that have you in their circles or people within your circle by communicating to them. You can start off by commenting on the things they share on Google+ or by responding to people who comment on your posts. It will eventually give you more exposure when people in their circles start noticing your conversations with them. Engage the right people in targeted discussions and you’ll certainly do fine.

Share useful and relevant Content to your Circles

The more you are sharing valuable content on Google+, the more chances of getting your posts re-shared and/or +1ed by the people in your circles. This builds up your authority and popularity as a user, as people are finding you as a great resource of content in your industry.

Personalizing your posts, by including your own opinions about the content you are sharing, can entice commenters, which again can improve the social data that Google will be collecting from your account.

James Hickey 
Internet Marketing Expert and Mentor 
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Tips To Finding A Quality Internet Marketing Consultant

If you’re looking for an Internet Marketing Consultant to help your business grow then this blog may help you.

There are many good Internet Marketing Consultants but finding the right one for your business can be challenging. I can’t stress the importance of building a relationship with your consultant, so the 1st question to ask yourself is “Do I like this person?”
Here are some ideas to consider when choosing a consultant to get real results for your business:
  • Knowledgeable in SEO (search engine optimization), SEM (search engine marketing), blogs, and business analytics.
    These are basic tools that they should have in their arsenal at minimum.
  • Strong understanding of search engine-friendly web design, ability to make critical improvements and technical recommendations.
    This allows customers to come to you instead of you chasing them. Imagine having a 24 hr salesperson that generates leads and never call in sick!
  • Experience.
    Pay attention to the questions they ask in the consultation. They should be detailed and specific to your business. The questions should make you realize the areas where your business needs help.Also, check out their LinkedIn Profile for recommendations of their work.
  • A system in place to track results.
    They should have a way to track your website traffic, direct mail, TV, print advertising and any other marketing campaigns you are running.
  • Desire and ability to explain, and build a relationship with you.
    Hiring a consultant to grow your business is like adding another person to your team. They should genuinely be interested in getting you results and learning about your business.
  • Determine your USP (unique selling proposition).
    Helping you brand your company image and finding your USP is important factor for dominating your competition. If they do not discuss this strategy, RUN.
  • Excellent organizational and management skills.
    It’s not realistic to expect the consultant to only work with your company. Ask how they manage multiple clients. Do they have a system in place that allows them to manage multiple clients’ projects simultaneously?
  • How will they keep in touch.
    This is important and you need to determine this upfront. Will you get a monthly phone call, or will they communicate via email? I can’t tell you how many clients I’ve met complain about this simple issue. Imagine wanted to be updated via phone, but your consultant’s main source of correspondence is through email.
Finding the right company to grow your business is possible if you take the time and ask these simple questions.
Are you tired of wasting money on advertising that doesn’t work? Get a Quote now for more tips and information that will save you money when choosing a Internet Marketing Consultant.

James Hickey 
Internet Marketing Expert and Mentor 
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